Looking for local or handmade items to complete your home? Look no further! We have over 100 makers that focus on crafting products to ensure that your home is 100% complete. From plants, to kitchenware, we have everything you need plus all the oddities in between!

Loop Living
Propagation Cone Gift Set
From $35.00 $50.00
Plant Sticks
$22.40 $32.00
Potting Shed Creations
Essential | Love Flower Garden
Plant Pot Hideaway
$24.50 $35.00
Loop Living
Hanging Planter (Round Pot & Hook)
$61.60 $88.00
Loop Living
Self Watering Cylindar Planter
$40.60 $58.00
Loop Living
Natural Wall Plant Hanger
$31.50 $45.00
Bloomwolf Studio
Tall Plants Art Print
Hold Onto Your Plants
Modern Plant Stand 10"