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Bufkin Pure Maple Syrup Cream


Dan Banks has been making his own pure maple syrup cream and gifting it to family, but now it has hit our shelves! This pure maple syrup cream is locally made in Bufkin, Indiana.

This pure and natural old-fashioned maple cream is made entirely of sap from the sugar maple tree. 

Did you know that pure maple cream is nature's healthier sweetener? It contains vitamins, minerals and necassary amino acids.

Try it on: grapefruit, hot cereal, winter squash or as a glaze for meat. Spread it on toast, fresh doughnuts, pancakes, waffles, french toast, on a peanut butter sandwich or just straight out of the container! 

Maple syrup cream is shelf stable, but it is recommended to refrigerate after opening for a longer life. 

Half LB - 226.8g