Interchangeable Welcome Sign

This gorgeous black and white door sign has a secret - the shape charm at the top is interchangeable using a strong magnet! Switch out your door decor to match the season, your porch, or a party theme. Each sign comes with the sweet house charm and other shapes are available to purchase. This sign also encourages repeat purchases - once a customer has the sign, they are likely to stop back in to buy new seasonal shape charms. We find the most successful merchandising is hanging the signs over a cute bin or baskets full of shapes for shoppers to look through. Sign measures approximately 11" across and is a double layer of finished MDF and birch. When hanging, it measures about 21" from the top of the rope to the bottom edge of the sign. Direct sunlight or exposure to the elements may cause fading or warping, so a covered porch is best. Retail packaging: hangtag