Juice Cup


Juice, whiskey, wine, chocolate milk before bed. We wanted a cup that wasn’t too big, but just the right size for an indulgent drink. Featuring a tiny thumbprint near the base and a raw clay bottom, this is a spruced-up version of our classic cup.

Each cup is about 4 inches tall and holds about 10oz. 

Since all items are handmade, there may be slight variations in shape, size and glaze color between individual items and from order to order. Exact measurements may vary by 1/4 inch. All ceramics are food/dishwasher/microwave safe and designed for everyday use in the home.

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics is based out of Tempe, Arizona. A talented team of artists create functional art with the creator and craftswoman, Jillian Schimmel. Lafayette Avenue Ceramics is named after the Schimmel family’s old home in New Jersey, a quaint street where the front doors are always opened and families enjoy the ocean view together.