Mary's Mint Mocha

Be warned: This snazzy holiday cocktail might steal the spotlight. It’s an eye-catching, taste-bud party-crashing blend of marshmallow, espresso bean, mint, cacao nib, and vanilla-infused sugar. We told you, no holding back for the holidays. Get that Christmas feeling in a cup, shaken like the gorgeous mint mocha martini it is. Are we getting all worked up? We just can’t help it. The holiday vibes are fab and flowing already. And with these libations, they’ll be with you next. What's Inside: Marshmallow, Espresso Bean, Mint, Cacao Nib, Vanilla Infused Sugar Instructions: Add 12 ounces of whiskey or vodka. Refrigerate for 4 hours for quick use or up to 3 days. Shake and strain. Serve up with Baileys or Kahlúa. Serves 8-10. Use within 1 year. Once mixed, use within 30 days and keep refrigerated. Alcohol not included.