Play is the work of a child banner

d e s c r i p t i o n "Play Is The Work Of A Child" Canvas Banner | Wall Hanging Sewn and screen printed by hand on natural canvas by Kenyan artisans FLOWER CHILD COLLECTION 2023 d e t a i l s + natural canvas + 20in x 16in + black screen print w a s h & c a r e Spot clean only. Do not put in washing machine or dryer. If your banner is creased or wrinkled, place your banner print side down on ironing board and iron on a low/medium heat. Do not iron on front side directly on screen print. Do not use high heat. Do not keep iron in one place for too long. You can also steam the banner, but steam from the back side of the banner. Do not place in dryer to get rid of wrinkles/creases.