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Classic Round Sunnies in Amber


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Try seeing orange to stimulate creative thinking, mental energy and enthusiasm. Orange is connected to our sacral chakra. It can help us feel joyful, creative, adaptable, stable and balanced. This warm and stimulating color helps to vitalize the mood and body, even promoting healthy sexual energy. It’s spiritual significance is the courage to attain goals. More estorically, it represents deities of good luck and fortune, abundance and prosperity, especially in business. 

  • Made from naturally UV protected polycarbonate. (UVA/UVB 400)

  • These tend to fit just slightly on the wide side and look great on faces with higher nose bridges.

  • Glasses Case Included


Chunks is based out of Seattle and launched in the Spring of 2019. All our hair accessories are made from acetate, which is a highly durable, plant-based material with a much shorter life span than typical plastics and acrylics. All acetate remnants are recycled into new acetate material. Our metal hardware is plated and nickel free.

Chunks accessories are proudly made in China. We believe in representing our manufacturing openly because there are so many negative assumptions about it. We believe working with Chinese manufacturers can provide us the opportunity to create meaningful change in our manufacturing standards. We are committed to furthering responsible manufacturing practices, which I will continue to document on my new blog.

Chunks designs are inspired by my passion for colors, kulture and trends, nostalgic feelings and art like the Memphis design movement.