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Aromatic Beer Glass


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This glass will really Ale-evate your craft beer game...giggle, giggle ;). 

We are proud to present the latest version of our uber-popular design, the Aromatic. The game has been raised with the addition of a wider snifter style bottom and an elongated tulip. All those wonderful aromatics that the mountain releases will be trapped then guided gently towards your mouth hole and olfactory receptors. The new shape really opens up and expands the styles that this glass will highlight. During R&D, it tested really well in hoppy beers and fruited sours, in addition to the belgian styles that it was designed around. 

The Sequel glass is designed to highlight any aromatic beer and or high ABV beer, such as Belguims, Barleywine, etc. Obviously reminiscent of the snifter or full bodied red wine glass, it concentrates the volatiles and aromatics of the beer to properly enhance the experience. The main design element is an abstract mountain pushed into the bottom of the glass. As you drink the beverage, the mountain is slowly revealed, emerging from the dark liquid. This mountain also acts as an analog nucleation component, causing additional friction as you drink and maintaining a proper head throughout the beer. 

A selection of beer types that this glass will highlight, but not limited to:

American Black Ale
Double IPA
Imperial Stout
Belgian Dark Ale
Belgian IPA
Belgian Pale Ale
Biere de Garde
Old Ale
Ale Glass


Pretentious Glass Co is a glassblowing studio dedicated to glassware designed specifically for Craft Beer, Wine and Whiskey. PBGC originated in 2012 from a small drinking club at the Mellwood Arts Center in Louisville, KY. 

All the glasses by hand at Matthew Cummings Studios in Knoxville, TN.

They use techniques that haven’t really changed in several hundred years. Molten glass is collected on a hollow blowpipe, and shaped with the use of wet newspaper pads or wooden tools. After the glasses are finished hot, they take each glass to the coldshop where they engrave and/or grind the bottoms flat. It’s a small scale operation with Matthew & his friends despite the volume and distribution of their product.