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Big Wooly with Wooden Handle


The traditional old-fashioned all wool dust mop known for generations!

  • Convenient household-size, multi-colored wool dust mop.
  • Made from genuine wool.
  • Excellent product for pet-owners - picks-up pet hair and dust mops without potentially harmful additives.
  • The swivel head provides maneuverability for easy cleaning; reaches under beds and furniture with ease.
  • The NEW, DURABLE VELCRO® backing allows for quick & easy removal of the dust head from its 12" frame for hand washing. Then air dry.
  • Comes complete with a 48" removable natural lacquered wood handle.
  • Dusting area measures 11" x 18"
  • Code: 100

This is an all-natural product and does NOT require any chemical treatment, nor expensive disposable pads.