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Carving Board

I started woodworking in high school and kept it as a side business through college. After college I determined I preferred the creativity and hands on nature of woodworking to the physical and environmental sciences I studied in college. I trained at Mark Adams School of Woodworking under several master woodworkers. My specific focus on kitchenware originated as a use for the many small scraps leftover from furniture jobs. The success of my kitchenware led to more designs and an expanded inventory. While sometimes it feels as if everything has already been done, as far as wooden kitchenware goes, I am always trying to come up with new or novel ideas in wooden kitchenware and have come up with several pieces that are unique and many that are uncommon. I strive to make my work of consistent high quality, innovative, and with high touch appeal. I have worked as a professional woodworker for 18 years and still enjoy working with wood and bringing it to people who love wood as much as I do.