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Kentucky Cutting Board


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These Indiana State Cutting Boards are handmade in Greenfield, Indiana by Dickinson Woodworking. Dickson Woodworking is owned and operated by Kiyomi and Aaron Dickinson. 

They are a family owned and operated business who started out working from the house garage in 1990. They have since expanded into their workshop (2004)

Creative and functional wooden kitchenware is their primary pursuit and joy. They source all of their wood locally, sometimes milling the wood themselves from recovered storm damaged trees. Dickinson Woodworking loves their local woods and want to bring the colors and the warmth, depth and feel of those native woods to your kitchen for you to enjoy as much as they do!

Patterns and woods used in production will vary. 

Caring for your woodenware:

1. NEVER put your woodenware in the dishwasher
2. Hand wash with warm soapy water. Do not let sit in water!
3. Remove excess water with a clean dry towel
4. Allow to completely air dry on all sides evenly (putting in a dish drainer works well)
5. Do NOT put your woodenware away wet.

You can read more on how to care for your woodenware that is guaranteed to last generations at: