HoliPop Popcorn Garland Kit - DIY Christmas Ornament Craft

$5.00 $20.00
Create a unique, homespun touch to your home decor this holiday season by making your own Christmas garland! The HoliPop Popcorn Garland Kit™ is a fun and easy holiday DIY craft set - and includes all the supplies and instructions needed to make at least a 14 foot popcorn garland. (Comes with lots of extra popcorn to munch on, too!) To help you share the experience and holiday cheer while gathered around the Christmas tree, this kit includes: * Half pound of HoliPop popcorn kernels * A stringing kit, with 6 needles pre-threaded with green and red thread * A 20-page instruction booklet that gives step-by-step directions * Popcorn garland history & link to holiday recipes * Two holiday-themed games people can play while hosting a tree-trimming party.