River Shitty Craft Club - APRIL


APRIL 28th @ 4 

PLANT FLAIR - Think eyes, mouths, or animals on stakes. Googly eyes for leaves. Maybe craft a butterfly or mushroom to add to your house plant. The possibilities are endless!

Did you know that you are a glorious and incredible artist? Wait, really? Well, you are. Be weird, wild and wonderful at the River Shitty Craft Club. It’s about trying your best, not perfection!

Making a bunch of pom-poms so you can be your own cheerleader? That’s a craft. Sculpting a rhinestone shrimp out of aluminum foil and a glue gun? A craft. Having literally one sip of water (congrats, by the way)? Yup, you bet—a craft. Because life is hard. So why not spend a bit of time gluing some trash to more trash if it makes you happy?

Join us on the last Sunday of every month at 4pm at River City Coffee & Goods for a new activity!

Purchase a yearly MEMBERSHIP and receive a limited River Shitty Craft Club tote bag, merit badges, member-only craft nights and a discount card for our sister store, Memo!

Based on the TikTok sensation by comedian Sam Reece, Shitty Craft Club is an empowering guide to creativity, embracing chaos, and finding inner calm.

(this is a 16 years of age and older event!)