Ceramic Drink Tumbler


Summer evenings sitting in the shade with a tall cool drink of something good, ice clinking in your cup, conversation with someone who lights you up...is there anything better?

The Tall Cool Drink Tumbler holds 16-18oz of your favorite beverage. The ripples in the surface are the result of our resident potter, Becca's fingers as she pulls up and shapes the cup on the potter's wheel.

The indentation on one side is a fabulous little "worry" spot to circle your thumb while deep in thought or if you're a fidgeter like I am. Every detail about this cup was designed for maximum enjoyment.

They're light weight without being too delicate and the feel in your hand is unmatched. We love these for ice water, iced tea, iced lattes or coffee, juice, soda, mixed drinks, sangria, beer, the mother of all mojitos (don't drive!), and bloody mary's. On a really hot day it's an added bonus to pop these in the freezer or fridge for an hour before serving so the cup is extra cold.