Tchotchke Puzzle


Trinkets and baubles and a curio cabinet of delights! This puzzle’s got real chutzpah: only the most cunning take on the devilish blue background of our exceptionally-challenging Tchotchke. Don’t worry, bubbela: even a beginner will find beauty in these details.

PRODUCT INFORMATION 1000 piece puzzle Completed puzzle is 19.25 x 26.6 inches Thick stock and high-quality art paper Board is 100% recycled paper

Treasures and tiny surprises. Our Tchotchke playlist aims to be strikingly unconventional. Lovers of quirk, kookiness, and eclecticism, please, join us and listen to this compilation of delightfully zany sounds. Each puzzle comes with a carefully curated playlist to listen to while puzzling!


Piecework Puzzles is located in Indianapolis Indiana. Every one of our puzzles has its own theme — a small world you can immerse yourself in — and title, which is written on the spine like a book. Our puzzles can grow in a collection that looks as beautiful on a shelf as they do a coffee table.