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Unsolved Indiana: Murder Mysteries, Bizarre Deaths & Unexplained Disappearances

Crime and tragedy have all too often disturbed the peace and stained the memory of Indiana’s bucolic countryside. The small town of Dupont was thrust into the national spotlight in 1947 after a series of suspicious deaths was blamed on a well-known local housekeeper—suspected serial killer Lottie “Tot” Lockman. On a fall day in 1976, a Benton County farmer found an unusual package in his cornfield: a corpse. Dubbed “The Box Lady of Benton County,” her identity remains a mystery. On September 13, 1989, Joseph Bova was killed outside of his Merrillville home when a pipe bomb rigged to his truck’s ignition exploded. With no witnesses, suspects or motive, his case remains unsolved. Author Autumn Bones explores some of Indiana’s least known unsolved cases.