Out in Evansville: An LGBTQ+ History of River City


An LGBTQ+ history of River City! 
Written by Kelly Matthew Course

From arrests and ostracization to public festivals and drag shows, the LGBTQ+ people of Evansville have walked a twisting path to their current existence. In the early days of the city, local newspapers harassed and bullied members of this group, even going so far as to encourage them to commit suicide. A series of murders in the 1950s and 1960s left the gay, lesbian and transgender populations of Evansville without justice and validation. The AIDS epidemic of the 1980s did the same. Happily, things have changed. Today, the city’s LGBTQ community is out and proud, and thousands attend the annual pride parade down Main Street. Looking back on more than a century of uneven progress, Kelley Coures unfolds this often tragic yet at times hopeful story.